» Institutions or organizations interested in purchasing a copy, please contact us at [email protected] for a price quote. In The Law in These Parts, acclaimed Israeli filmmaker Ra’anan Alexandrowicz has pulled off a tour-de-force examination of the system of military administration used by Israel since the Six Day War of 1967 — featuring the system’s leading creators. One of these “non-persons”—a Palestinian teenager who’d been in an earlier documentary—inspired Alexandrowicz to make The Law In These Parts. There’s an unnecessary meta element to The Law In These Parts, as Alexandrowicz acknowledges the artificiality of cinema and admits that the facts he includes in this movie are as selectively chosen as the evidence in a courtroom. In the case of judgments handed down (i.e. Ra'anan's critically-acclaimed works have been theatrically-released to international audiences and broadcast worldwide. Fill in the email which you used to purchase the pass, and we will send you a new password and a link to watch the film. This option is for private / home use only. This 48-hour pass allows you to publicly screen the film for an audience at an institution or organization. Holiday Village Cinema 4, Park City. In doing so it invites audiences to question what we typically take for granted. The Law In These Parts explores how Israel created a legal framework for the occupation through testimonies of the military legal professionals who were the architects of the system and helped run it in its formative years. The Law In These Parts touring North American festivals. Martin Hagemann Click here to receive your streaming pass using an institutional code. The Law In These Parts received the Special Jury Award in Full Frame Documentary Festival. Read the full transcript of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's ABC News town hall, Thursday at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Can a modern democracy impose a prolonged military occupation on another people while retaining its core democratic values? These expedited transcripts normally cost much more than regular transcripts. Such a record was originally made by court stenographers who used a form of shorthand abbreviation to write as quickly as people spoke. » Enter the institutional code that was purchased with, I'm having trouble to login with my pass ». Her credits include Oded Lotan's Blue Nathalie, Shlomi Hayoun's The Acting Teacher, and Barak Heiman's Lone Samaritan. (Composer) is a cellist and composer who performs and records with some of Israel's leading recording artists including Shalom Hanoch, Assaf Amdursky, Arcadi Dochin, Mashina, and others. Redstone Cinema 8, Park City, Friday, January 27, 7:00 pm (Israel Producer) Former managing director and senior producer at Belfilms, Israel. She has worked with Ohad Naharin, Yasmin Godar, The Beit Lessin Theatre, Tzippi Brand, and others. “Order and justice don’t always go hand in hand.” Those are the words of an Israeli judge in Ra’anan Alexandrowicz’s documentary The Law In These Parts, which attempts to explain—and understand—how the Israeli seizing of Palestinian-occupied territory became accepted practice, and not a national outrage. » After completing the payment with your credit card through PayPal, you will receive an email with a link to watch the film. Mixing together archival footage and new interviews with lawyers and judges who’ve been involved with Israeli law since the ’60s, Alexandrowicz documents the slippery slope of “security measures,” tracing how laws originally drafted to protect the Israeli population from Palestinian violence later turned outright oppressive, denying people of their human rights as recognized under international law. Purchase the DVD (PAL) of The Law In These Parts for institutional use. Sometimes, the first page of a transcript will have the words "Check Against Delivery" stamped across it, which means that the transcript is not the legal representation of the speech, but rather only the audio delivery is regarded as the official record. [1] Many US transcripts are indexed by Deposition Source so that they may be searched by legal professionals via the Internet. This option is valid for institutions/organizations only. In a series of thoughtful and candid interviews, Israeli judges, prosecutors and legal advisers, who helped devise the occupation’s legal framework, paint a complex picture of the Middle East conflict and the balance among political interests, security and human rights that has come with it. [3]. Speaker/Performer: Sawsan Zaher, Yale World Fellow and director of the Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights Unit of Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, VC 112 (Alumni Hall), Old Victoria College Building. Please contact us for ordering a DVD: [email protected], Institutions/organizations interested in obtaining a copy of the film's DVD, please contact us for a price quote: [email protected], Purchase a 48-hour streaming pass for home use. She received a Peabody Award and was nominated for both an Emmy and Independent Spirit Award for Flag Wars (2003). The Oath received the Cinematography Award at Sundance, the Grand Jury Award at Edinburgh Film Festival, Special Jury prizes at Hot Docs and Full Frame, and the True Vision Award at True/False. Some of these are: The title, usually called the “short title”, which is the name by which the Act is known. Ra’anan Alexandrowicz The Law in These Parts is an unprecedented exploration of the evolving and little-known legal framework that Israel has employed to administer its 40-year military occupation of the West Bank and, until 2005, the Gaza Strip. (writer, researcher, director) carved name recognition as writer and director of award-winning films such as the full-length feature James’ Journey to Jerusalem (Director’s Fortnight, Cannes 2003, Toronto 2003), and the documentaries The Inner Tour (Berlin 2001, Sundance 2001), and Martin (Berlin 1999, New Directors, New Films 1999, MoMA permanent collection). You can subscribe for updates at the top-right corner of the screen, or follow our facebook page feed. The transcript is expected to be an exact and unedited record of every spoken word, with each speaker indicated. Transcripts may be produced digitally. Since Israel conquered the territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the 1967 war, the military has imposed thousands of orders and laws, established military courts, sentenced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, enabled half a million Israeli "settlers" to move to the Occupied Territories and developed a system of long-term jurisdiction by an occupying army that is unique in the entire world. In essence, he’s putting them on trial, in what he recognizes is a weak kind of justice, given what some of the Palestinian convicts he cites have been through. Temple Theatre, Park City, Thursday, January 26, 6:30 pm Mr. Atzmor also served as senior commissioning editor for Israel's documentary channel ("Channel 8"). The University of Toronto Faculty of Law is pleased to present a screening of the award winning and critically acclaimed documentary, The Law in These Parts, followed by a discussion with the film maker, Ra'anan Alexandrowicz, and U of T Law professors Kent Roach and Markus Dubber. The Law In These Parts is now available on DVD (PAL, region free) and ONLINE. Should it? The recordings are archived and are sent to court reporters or transcribers only when a transcript is requested. Transcripts produced by a digital reporter are often less accurate than those produced by a court stenographer. A related term used in the United States is docket, not a full transcript. In an even handed way, this film reveals the process through which both the law and documentary are constructed. » Please notice that once you login, your 48-hour streaming pass will be activated and expire within 48 hours. The film was awarded four major international prizes including the World Cinema Jury Prize in 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Conversely, it may be that the actual given speech differs from the way the speaker intended, or that it contains extra information that is not pertinent to the central points of the speech and that the speaker does not want to be left as a permanent record. This option allows you to purchase a number of individual passes for your students or organization members at a reduced price. The men entrusted with creating this new legal framework were the members of Israel's military legal corps. A list of the judges 4. Another option is that you provide us with a list of emails that will receive 48-hour streaming passes. He is also known for his ground-breaking film work on climate change for the Klimahaus Museum in Germany, 8º34' East: The Journey Films. Each person will be able to register and receive an individual pass which will enable them to watch the film in their home and whenever is convenient for them. » Use this password later to login through our website to watch the film. Responding to a constantly changing reality, these legal professionals have faced (and continue to face) complex judicial and moral dilemmas in order to develop and uphold a system of long-term military “rule by law” of an occupied population, all under the supervision of Israel's Supreme Court, and, according to Israel, in complete accordance with international law. And what are the implications of the very effort to make a documentary film about such a system? Can a modern democracy impose a prolonged military occupation on another people while retaining its core democratic values? Check our screenings page for the upcoming screenings at the prestigious festivals: Hot Docs, Full Frame, Doxa, San Francisco, Toronto and more. The Law In These Parts wins best documentary (Van Leer Group Prize) at Jerusalem Film Festival. Laura Poitras A Neutral Citation: i.e. Reid: Lara Bazelon is a law professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law, and a former director of the Innocence Project in Los Angeles. The history of Israel's military legal system in the Occupied Territories. » We will only use this email address to send you the link to watch the film. The short title often has a reference to the date of commencement (see the later section dealing with dates of commencement) You will also be able to login on our website with your email and password to watch the film. All are invited to a Free Screening at the Ocean City Library Weds., 12/18/2013 @ 7PM of the powerful Sundance Award Winning Documentary, The Law In These Parts. Price: $4, Purchase a 48-hour streaming pass for a public screening. He has worked as a director of photography on a range of productions in Israel and abroad, including The Cemetery Club (Cinematography Award Docaviv 2006), White Gold - Black Labor (2004), James' Journey To Jerusalem (2003), Mother V (2001), and The Inner Tour (2001). But while his evidence won’t surprise anyone who’s paid even the slightest bit of attention to what’s been going on Israel for the last four decades, the direct inquiries into who should be classified as a “soldier” and who is a “terrorist” is bracing—and relevant to more than just the Israelis. Today, most court reporters use a specialized machine with a phonetic key system, typing a key or key combination for every sound a person utters. (Co-producer, USA) Ms. Poitras is currently working on a trilogy of films about America post 9/11. It's an unforgiving film.

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