30+ days ago. Sheep records were well and truly blown out of the water at Lanark, when a Texel ram lamb from the Boden family's Sportsmans flock sold for a world record price of 350,000gns at the Scottish Premier sale. £230 . Texel Rams . The sheep called Double Diamond, sold for 350,000 guineas (£367,500) on Thursday at the Scottish National Texel Sale in Lanark, Scotland. While we try and ensure that all prices on our website are accurate, errors may occur. The British Texel Sheep Society’s website said the popularity of the breed meant animals with elite genetics regularly sell for five figure prices, and occasionally for six figure amounts. Report. Check it out! The price you pay is the price displayed on the Texel website at the time we receive your order. Explore 61 listings for Texel ram for sale at best prices. Price varies on the condition of the sheep. We have some mules for sale plus some big texel cross ewes. And he commanded a price to match, selling during a frenzied few minutes of bidding for a world record sum of 350,000 guineas (£367,500). The cheapest offer starts at £10. These sheep are from a hill farm highest point 1600 foot... preloved.co.uk . A texel lamb has become the world's most expensive sheep after being sold at auction in Scotland for £367,500.. A Texel lamb has set a new world record price after being sold at auction for almost 368,000 pounds ($666,042) in Scotland. Norwell, Nottinghamshire. A Texel lamb has become the world’s most expensive sheep after being sold for nearly £368,000 ($490,059, INR 3.5 crore) at an auction in Scotland. The Texel breed, he explained, is “the very top of the sheep breeding industry” in the UK, making up about 30 percent of all lambs born in the wool-producing country every year.

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