Twix. By Angelina Mason 2019-02-01T09:38:00+00:00 No comments Haribo’s Starmix was revealed as Britain’s favourite sweet, with 87 million bags sold every year in the UK An oldie but a goodie, despite hundred of chocolate bars from all corners of the world making their way onto our shelves, the humble Dairy Milk bar has been revealed as the UK’s favourite treat. 3 – Twix (Estimated Sales Numbers: 54.3 Million Sold Per Year*) It’s pretty obvious why people like this chocolate bar so much…there’s two of them! Dairy Milk received just 5.7% of the vote – they received 15.5% when Money Saving Expert ran a similar poll in 2011. While it may be the most loved, the Malteser Teaser certainly isn’t the most abundant – with only eight in the average Celebrations tin, there’s an 11.5% chance of picking a Maltesers Teaser out first time. It’s also one of the oldest chocolate sweets in Britain… Dairy Milk can come as a whole chocolate bar, a segmented bar, or individual chocolate pieces. 24 May 2018, 11:58 | Updated: 12 July 2018, 13:59 A bar of Dairy Milk is like an old friend. Despite being voted the favourite by almost every age group in every region of the UK, Mars is just the 8th highest selling chocolate bar. The nation’s favourite is Cadbury Dairy Milk, with those polled typically consuming 22 of them in total every year and 1,317 in their lifetime. Its always been there for you when you need a snack and its sold just about everywhere. From the 38 different chocolate treats available, Celebrations’ Maltesers Teaser was by far the UK’s favourite chocolate choice (49% of the UK voted this number one). Researchers polled 2,000 UK adults and found they’ll each tuck into 7,004 bars on average – including 1,642 dark chocolate, 1,425 white and 3,934 milk, weighing in at 315kg. Most Americans know Cadbury for their chocolate eggs around Easter, but their best-known product in Britain is the Dairy Milk chocolate. This is officially the UK's favourite chocolate bar.

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