Also, Eric Yuan has over 700 employees in China, which in first cursory glance would not seem that big of an issue given Zoom is an MNC but it becomes a contentious issue as it opens Zoom to pressure from the Chinese government which can use these 700-odd employees as leverage to extract the intimate details of its users for surveillance. As Zoom becomes more and more popular so its his founder, Eric Yuan who has made millions this month alone with a significant demand increase. Aufstieg von Eric Yuan – So wurde der Zoom-Gründer zu einem der reichsten Menschen der Welt Wegen Corona nutzen plötzlich Millionen Menschen die Videokonferenz-Plattform – und damit wird sie auch zum Ziel von Angriffen. Behind the $16 billion market cap bonanza: new billionaire Eric Yuan, the immigrant founder whose video conference app just works better. Eric Yuan pernah bekerja di WebEx sebelum diakusisi oleh cisco tahun 2007 dan menggeluti bidang video conferencing. 5 Kommentare . 5. So in 2011, Yuan left. Walter Niederberger aus San Francisco. Zoom's IPO wowed Wall Street. In Yuan’s own words: Before I left Cisco I spent a lot of time talking to WebEx customers and every time I talked to them I felt very embarrassed because I did not see a single happy customer, and I tried to understand why that was. Not everyone is suffering the financial and economic consequences that a pandemic usually brings. Jabatan terakhir Yuan adalah wakil presiden di cisco dan kemudian meninggalkan pada tahun 2011 untuk mendirikan Zoom. Eric Yuan. Publiziert: 12.10.2020, 15:22. For instance, Eric Yuan bagged millions earlier this month after he saw a surge in his now popular app Zoom.

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