thanks for dropping by! So I don't have difficulty providing first-hand information about the recipes that I most oftenly prepare in my own kitchen... as well as sharing the photos which I personally took myself, too. Yapılışı: Öncelikler hamsilerimizi ayıklayalım. Hamsi is a small forage fish which has 144 species in 17 genera. 1 Çay Bardağı Ayçiçek Yağı. Banana Bread is a Great Friend to Help You Maintai... Roasted Pepper Salad (Kozlenmis Biber Salatasi), Turkish Appetizer Recipes (Meze Tarifleri). After all the fishes are in, adjust the temperature to medium heat and start frying the anchovies for about 4-5 minutes. The content of this website (pictures+text) is copyrighted and cannot be published without permission, Chicken &Turkey (Tavuk & Hindi Yemekleri), Cakes & Cookies ( Pastalar, Kekler, Kurabiyeler), 21-Day Vegan Diet (21 Gunluk Vegan Diyeti), Crab Salad with Greens (Yengecli Yesil Salata), Broccoli Potato Salad (Patatesli Brokoli Salatasi), Italian Rice Omelet (Pirincli Italyan Omleti), Tortilla with Ground Beef (Kolay Lahmacun), Mousaka with Bechamel Sauce (Besamel Soslu Musakka), Spicy Olive Oil Dip (Baharatli Zeytinyagi), Rice Pilaf with Chick Peas (Nohutlu Pilav). Thanks! Shake the small fishes off slightly to remove excess flour. im sure you'll love this recipe, its simply delicious! I really hope to make one soon :-), How to Make Ayran - A Healthy Turkish Yogurt Drink, How to Make Kiymali Borek - A Recipe for Turkish Phyllo Pastry with Minced Meat Filling, How to Make Asure / Ashure (Noahs Ark Pudding) - With Facts & Significance to the Turkish Cultur, Peynirli Pogaca - A Turkish Puff Pastry Filled With Cheese, Bulgur Pilavi, A Nutritious Turkish Wheat Pilaf Recipe, Easy & Healthy Patience Dock Salad Recipe, 3 tablespoons vegetable oil (canola, corn or sunflower oil). Hamsi Tava Malzemeleri: 1 Kg. (Fırında) Hamsi Tava Recipe – Fried Fresh Anchovies (Oven Baked) This is a little bit of a trick so that you avoid your kitchen – and possibly your house – smelling of cooked anchovies for days on end. Once thoroughly cleaned, drain and set aside. (in Greek). Loren's Gem (author) from Istanbul, Turkey on November 28, 2010: @ OnlineHub & wilsontom: thanks for reading and leaving your comments. Also, its not surprising that today there are a lot of Greek and Turkish foods that are quite similar (except how we name them) as most of these dishes may be food heritage from Ottoman cuisine. :-). It would be fun to try this recipe, so thank you very much for sharing it! What an interesting recipe. If it is something different from what we had while in Greece I would be surprised, but regardless it looks very interesting. Thank you so much. Yet another recipe with lots of information. In Turkey’s Black Sea region where the tiny anchovies known as hamsi are most abundant, the arrival of autumn, winter and early spring means a festive time for anchovy eaters. Es ist sehr einfach zuzubereiten und schmeckt köstlich. Es ist eines der bekanntesten und ein sehr beliebtes Gericht der türkischen Küche aus den Städten am schwarzen Meer. Dip in the lightly beaten egg and roll them over in the cornflour mixture. Turn halfway through. You may also do this with the help of a round plate and turning them all up side down quite as quick as you can. Enter your email address: Email adresini gir: 1 pkg (454gr- 1lb) frozen anchovy, defrosted, ½ cup sunflower oil/ canola oil/ corn oil (optional). ?????? In Turkey, this is how it’s usually done, though it takes a little practice to turn over the whole group of fried anchovies with a plate. ??? 4.9 (7) İn diesem Rezept zeige ich ihnen, wie sie frittierte Sardellen zubereiten können. Learn how to cook healthy, nutritious, delicious, traditional and authentic food from my simple and easy-to-cook recipes. Maklube (Pilaf with Layered Chicken/Meat and Potat... Green Salad with Carrots (Havuclu Yesil Salata), Albanian Style Fried Liver (Arnavut Cigeri), Stuffed Eggplants With Ground Beef (Karniyarik). In Turkey, they live in Black Sea region and their variety called as ‘European Anchovy’. Wash all the anchovies under cold running water. I've been making hamsi tava for my family for years as this is not only one of their favorite fish dishes but mine as well (especially in winter when they are most abundant and sold very inexpensively). My son and I had something similar to this when in Greece, but had no idea how to make it, and now we do! Serve with lemon. Repeat all of the above procedure to cook the rest of the anchovies. :-), @ Gypsy Writer: indeed they are! and anchovies are healthy, too! @ oceansunsets - hi and thanks for your comments! Below is a hamsi tava recipe right from a Turkish kitchen: Anchovies coated with corn flour mixture. :-). ‘Hamsi Tava’, in English ‘Fried Anchovy’, is one of the famous Black Sea region seafood dish in Turkey. The Black Sea anchovies are small, slender, silvery and inexpensive fishes that are very well loved among the Turks. Cook the other side for another 5 minutes or until golden brown. Loren, I wonder how you can write articles with full of info. Fry till they turn to a red fried color, approximately for 4-5 minutes. When they are done, place the fried anchovy on a plate with paper towel to absorb the excess oil. I love anchovies! I will try this. Anchovies from the Black Sea region of Turkey. In a separate mixing bowl, crack the egg in and beat lightly using a whisk or fork. Hamsi tava (fried anchovies) is arguably the most popular of Turkish anchovy recipes. They may be just tiny fishes but when a hamsi tava is prepared in a Turkish kitchen, its irrisistible aroma lingers quite long enough for someone to realize that someone is pan-frying anchovies nearby. After all of the fishes are cooked, place them on a plate garnished with lemon wedges. This side dish is typically eaten with ekmek, a kind of Turkish bread served with freshly sliced onions and a bowl of green salads. Hamsi. Apr 24, 2014 - Get ready for some sweet, some spicy, and a lot of meat. Place the anchovies directly in the pan of preheated oil over low heat. 0 4.957 . Shallow Fried Chicken Gizzards (Kavrulmus Tavuk Ta... Turkish Pilaf With Vermicelli (Sehriyeli Pilav), Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers (Zeytinyagli Biber Dolmasi), Turkish Pogaca with Cheese (Peynirli Pogaca), Spaghetti With Tomato Sauce (Domates Soslu Spagetti), Coleslaw (Mayonezli Beyaz Lahana Salatasi), Mushroom Kebab with Chicken (Tavuklu Mantar Kebabi), Turkish Coffee With Milk (Sutlu Turk Kahvesi), Eggplant with Ground Beef (Patlican Musakka/Oturtma), Red Lentil Soup (Kirmizi Mercimek Corbasi), Radish Salad With Carrot (Havuclu Turp Salatasi), European Style Mashed Potatoes (Patates Puresi). This is the most similar Greek dish to Turkish hamsi tava, with anchovies as its main ingredient, though some Greeks usually bake it with tomatoes, onions, garlic, etc. Chicken Soup with Vermicelli (Sehriyeli Tavuk Corb... White Beans with Olive Oil (Kuru Fasulye Pilaki), Milky Semolina Dessert (Sutlu Irmik Tatlisi), Carrots with Yogurt (Yogurtlu Havuc Salatasi). Baked Whole Chicken (Firinda Kizarmis Butun Tavuk), Cheese Spreaded Eggplant (Kasarli Patlican Oturtma). :-), @ makyol - Merhaba! Frittierte Sardellen – Hamsi Tava. And yet, it's also the most popular and best enjoyed among the Turkish locals especially in Istanbul as it is very simply prepared by lightly coating or dusting the fishes with corn flour and pan-fried. Loren's Gem (author) from Istanbul, Turkey on December 05, 2010: @ samiaali - I'm so glad you liked the recipe. Ellerinizle başlarını kopartın ve işaret parmağınızla içini temizleyerek çıkarın. Fakat asla bıçak kullanmayın. wilsontom from new delhi on November 28, 2010: Gyspy Writer from Midwest on November 28, 2010: OnlineHub from Fresno, CA, USA on November 28, 2010: This is a new recipe for me, thanks so much for sharing. In Turkey, some people here also bake anchovies and I should probably be writing another recipe for that. In a large non-stick frying pan, pour some vegetable oil – about 2-3 tablespoons and heat it up slowly over medium low heat. Take two anchovies at a time by holding them firmly from the tails. 1 Tatlı Kaşığı Tuz. just don't forget the lemons. This can be done with the help of a fork or spatula. Once the other side is done, flip all of them over carefully with a spatula. Remove its guts and heads carefully so to prevent the fishes from absorbing too much oil. 1,5 Su Bardağı Mısır Unu veya normal un. Repeat the same procedure with the rest of the anchovies as quick as you can as the oil is heating up while at the same time arranging all the fishes in the pan side by side with tails joined together in the center to form a circle. Since you love anchovies, too like I do, then no doubt you would probably love hamsi tava.

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