Bring to boil on HIGH heat. The broth is made purely out of simmering lamb, with the addition of sliced onion and carrots. Clean your lamb chops and pat dry. Take the meat out and rinse with tap water, and discard whatever water that is in the pot. Try this Mongolian hangover cure: bantan, a soup made of meat and dough crumbs. The soup is topped with tasalsan Guril or fried noodles which adds a great texture to the soup. Put your lamb chops and lamb offal in a pot, fill with water. Mongolian soup called Guriltai shul is a meat based soup that gets its flavor from the meat and a few vegetables. When I come across these recipes that are so basic, I wonder what is the point and then I eat it and totally get the point. Once the water boils and white foam rises to the surface, turn off the fire. The traditional hangover cure of Mongolia is a “Mongolian Mary,” a pickled sheep eye in tomato juice — think of it as a type of bloody mary. Mongolian foods typically don’t rely on a lot of … Step 2: The Making of Soup A Mongolian guriltai shul soup uses far fewer ingredients than most soups I’ve made, but packs a LOT of flavor.

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